COCCHI - Form Finishers - CG / B - CG / B1 - CG / B1X

Technical Features
Boiler (CG/B) Lt 15
Boiler elements Kw 7,5 - 9 - 12
Blowing motor (CG/B - CG/B1) Hp 1,7
Blowing motor (CG/B1X) Hp 3,0

Machines realized for ironing and rough-hewing of jackets, coats, over coats in general of any king and size. Equipped with n. 3 timers for the programs of the ironing-cycle (steam - air + steam - air), with an Electronic Regulator for speed/power of the warm air blowing.

CG / B1: Without boiler, equipped with a steam tank of 8 lts, and with a steam radiator for the warm air. With Blowing Motor of 1,7 Hp.

CG / B1X : More powerful model, (only without boiler) for industrial plants and/or powerful performances with blowing Motor HP 3, Pneumatic Steam Valve 1/2", big steam radiator.

  • Steam brush + super heater
  • Steam gun
  • Shovel anterior pneumatic
  • Shovel posterior pneumatic